Hi There, again. As I already told you my name is Patrick Schmalzried and I’m writing from the south of Germany (near Tübingen). So please, when reading my stuff do so with a German accent.
Here are some of my favorite things: My favorite color is “blue”, my favorite movie is “Fight Club”, my favorite band is “New Order” and my favorite Book is “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”.

I have a long history playing StarCraft (since 1999). I’ve always been playing Protoss. My accounts were IPS.Diablo2 and IPS.Blue. I’m currently playing StarCraft 2 in Masters League Starbow under the account blueslobster.

For several years I was the clan leader of IPS (Intelligent Playing Systems). At it’s height IPS was one of the best German speaking clans and many of our members played in the German National Team (I myself played for the German B-Team). Our most famous members were kolll and Radio (nowadays Liquid`TLO). At the moment IPS is more or less inactive (for how long, though?).

I have always been nuts about mice. And I have always been the guy people came to when they were looking for a new mouse, a new mousepad or a new keyboard.
I’m also a huge fan of mouse speed games. Reflex.te on is one of my favorites. I literally used to play it for hours a day and months straight. I’m always searching for new mouse speed games, so please let me know if you’ve found something.



Hi There. My Name is Patrick blueslobster Schmalzried and I’m from the south of Germany. Mousespeed is a blog about mice. My favourite game is StarCraft 2 SC:R. I play Protoss.
Contact me at or at Glücksburger Str. 73A, 28219 Bremen, Germany.